Manufacturing beautiful
wooden boxes since 1920

The Port Wine lives in a strange limbo. It ages well" is what they say. The time awakens the best it has, transforms it into something better - sublimates it. “Caixotaria Mecânica of Heirs of Antonio da Silva Martins” has been making these boxes for about 100 years, on the same place in Vila Nova de Gaia, between the spring and the mouth of the Douro River, very close to the cellars where they keep the wine. The machines that unite the pieces of wood and that mark them with the names and symbols of bottles that will occupy are modern. Yet the hands that deal with all the process could be the same, generation after generation.


We produce wooden boxes in any form or shape, using pine wood, oak or any other. Superior finishes in leather, rope, acrylic. Recordings in forged iron in hot and many other things. We have tailor-made solutions. Wooden boxes for bottles of wine, glasses, textiles and footwear and for other industries. We make small, medium or large boxes in small or large quantities, for big or small customers. Whatever you need we can make.



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